GeoKol Company Ltd. was founded in August 2003. year. A team of experts with years of experience in the domain of construction and geotechnical and practiced experience in practice, on many projects and works, founded this company because of the constant increase in the need for professional performing the works of nature. In the beginning, the company is engaged in performing a geotechnical investigation works (geomehanikom), that over time, constant investment in people (knowledge) and equipment, expanded its activities to design, geotechnical monitoring, control testing and measurement, the performance of geotechnical design and consulting.

GeoKol Company Ltd. specializes in the performance of duties in the following activities .

Obilaznica Vrbovec, Kolovoz 2003
  • Geotechnical investigation works and hydraulics - geomehanika
  • Development of geotechnical reports and analysis
  • Design in Geotechnics • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Control works in Geotechnics
  • Works performance reinforced soil protection
  • Works Performance building pit
  • Repairing landslides in Geotechnics
  • Consulting
  • Cooperation with universities and institutes in the field of geotechnical

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